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Local businesses are the heartbeat of your community, the fiber of your local economy and encompass the spirit of your city. In our very first “Live Local” feature we profile thirteen local businesses as we showcase their products or services and highlight what it is they offer us here in Southlake. We’re sure you’ll find some familiar (and favorite) names and we’re just as hopeful you’ll find a few new ones that you might consider visiting! Enjoy!

Black Rock Coffee

Fuel your story!  

The new kids on the block, with a growing reputation already as they are constantly striving for excellence in everything they do, their crafted drinks are a way they

show respect for their customers. As part of local communities, each Black Rock

Coffee Bar team finds ways to serve their neighborhoods and by doing so they raisethe bar for relationships. As relationships grow, so does accountability. They are holding each other to higher standards for the good of all. Whether it be to care for nature, care for those in need, or just a sincere desire to see others do well. The priority at Black

Rock is not for others to know who they are and what they do… but for them to know their customers, add fuel to their story, and share in the journey.


Great Harvest Bread Co. 

is a local bakery, where a large variety of phenomenal breads and other baked goods are made fresh, from scratch, every day. 

Using simple and pure ingredients, including milling their own whole wheat flour daily from wheat berries grown on family farms in the Golden Triangle of Montana. Honey is the primary preservative, with breads remaining fresh for 7-10 days on the counter (if they last that long once you taste them). They are also a inviting café, where phenomenal breads are combined with homemade dressings and fresh, high quality, ingredients into delicious combinations of sandwiches and salads. Mixes are offered, infused whipped butters and complementary products (jams, pickles, coffee, etc.) from award winning local partners to allow you to “make it great yourself”. The coffee house is where you can relax with a variety of great coffees, lattes, expresso or teas made/roasted by Fort Worth’s Avoca Coffee Roasters. They also make delicious combinations of gifts that you can share with those you are thinking of, and to celebrate a special occasion or to help lift up during a challenge. Not forgetting that they are also, caterers, bringing great café products to your workplace, church or other gathering where you want to share a meal.


Spruce Home + Closet

A local, family-owned retailer in Southlake, Texas

An inspired and curated collection of unique home goods, beautiful clothing and fun accessories.The name came from owners Amy and Dan’s idea of “sprucing” up both your home and your closet as the seasons change. They are ready for you and your

holiday shopping list with something to offer the whole family, from holiday party attire to small gifts and festive décor. They have gorgeous ranges in clothing for multiple age groups, dress up your little ones in the cutest finery and watch them strut their cute stuff in quality apparel. Looking for an outfit to wear to an event? Look no further, they also cater for a variety of occasions! From a lazy Sunday to a cocktail party, you are spoiled for choice!


Whistle Britches

All about chicken!

In 2016, Chef Omar Flores, whose newest venture was Whistle Britches, had one thing in mind – serve the tastiest, juiciest and crunchiest bird in town. Their pickle brined bird, farm-fresh ingredients and soulful cooking will leave you wanting more. They believe that comfort food never goes out of style. The scratch kitchen is always baking fresh buttermilk biscuits and some of the best chicken sandwiches in town. Coupling all that with a great local craft beer selection and inventive cocktails, you soon realize why they came up with the name “Whistle Britches”. They certainly like to draw a lot of attention to themselves, and are okay with that! So if you haven’t stopped in yet, what are you waiting for?


Buff City Soap

Delightfully scented plant-based soaps

Frustrated by commercial soaps’ harsh chemicals, detergents, and animal fats, the team set out to create a better way! These delightfully scented plant-based soaps, are handmade daily, in each of their local Soap Makeries. They’re on a mission to create handmade products that are free of harsh ingredients and full of nourishing plantbased goodness. They take tremendous pride in handcrafting each and every bar of soap in the Soap Makery. Each one is truly unique. Just like you! Makers are whipping up delightfully fragrant creations to share with you no matter how you choose to shop: online or in the Soap Makeries.


Milwaukee Joes

Creamy and delicious

Creamy and delicious in a cone or cup is one of the best treats or desserts to indulge

in. Milwaukee Joes ice cream gives you a taste of Italy right in Southlake with their authentic Italian ice cream. All their ice cream is handmade in more than 18 flavors! Take a trip down memory lane and explore some old and new yummy flavors. Even try one of their classics, Butter Pecan, a rich and flavorful butterscotch ice cream sprinkled with their own oven-roasted, salted pecans; oh, how delicious! Grab a cone or cup at Southlake Town Square.


Moxies USA

The place to be!

Moxies is an Official Partner of the Dallas Stars during the 2021-22 NHL season. Come cheer on your team before, during, and after every game! 

Make a reservation and save your table for the next game. Located at 1472 Main Street, Moxies Southlake can be found in the town center, just off Highway 114. Moxies Southlake features floor-to-ceiling windows, flexible seating, plenty of TVs, and an expansive bar. They’re so excited to show you the especially spacious patio, full of great sun and shaded seating that is perfect for enjoying refreshing drinks and delicious food from the carefully curated menu.



Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Athletico provides physical therapy and rehabilitation for various patients. They are located in the Southlake Oaks Shopping Mall and provide easy and safe access for anyone who needs it. They have various offerings, including free assessments, work comp assessments and solutions, as well as a variety of physical therapy treatments that range from strains and pains to necks, joints, back, auto injuries, as well as sport injuries. They are available mornings, evenings, and on Saturdays. Pop in to see how a group of local specialists can help you feel better!



“Enjoy great food, whiskey, and craft beers in a clean, casual environment”.

Their locally-owned Southern kitchen safely brings people together with incredible dishes, handcrafted drinks, friendly service, and a welcoming atmosphere. The chefinspired dishes and comfort food favorites contain fresh ingredients, letting you enjoy a great meal with friends and family. Family meals, date nights, and happy hours with friends are perfect for relaxing with loved ones and catching up over amazing food. They’ve made it easy for you to enjoy chefinspired dishes, whether you’d rather dine in or order contactless curbside pickup. They prepare all food with farm-fresh ingredients in locally-owned restaurant. You’ll always get a quality meal with their speciality made-from-scratch burgers, steak dinners, seafood dishes, and delicious desserts. Friendly bartenders can prepare a wide selection of quality beverages. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, craft beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails for your next happy hour, date night, or private dinner.


Southlake Store now open!

Founded in 2015, this franchise was created out of the founders’ vision of bringing people flavorful food. After many trips to Hawaii filled with lots of poke, the founders decided to bring this island favorite to the Mainland for all to enjoy. 

Their chef-driven kitchen brings an authentic taste of the islands to Pokéworks with nationally recognized collaboratorsfrom across the country. Their hand-crafted Signature Works and limited-time bowls offer unique flavors that draw inspirations from a mix of cultures from Hawaii and across the globe. Inspired by sustainable, seasonal, and natural ingredients, Pokéworks is committed to bringing you superior seafood. 

The new store opened in Southlake two months ago. This husband and wife team are passionate about great food, and great relationships with their customers.

They strive to offer exceptional service. There is nothing quite like a fresh poké bowl or burrito, choosing your base, protein, salad mix, toppings and sauces literally allows for the perfect meal. I can imagine it now! Pokéworks has plans to expand throughout North America and worldwide, the preferred destination for fresh, fast, and reliable food.



Variety & happening

Come meet at Jane, a real “Jane of all trades” coffee shop serving more than just coffee – but a whole menu with a variety of foods for light eaters and then those who need something more substantial. There are also wine, drinks, and various platters and cheeses on offer. Jane is a local family owned and operated restaurant that is really diverse. They pride themselves on providing a quick caffeine fix or otherwise a sit in meal with beautiful surroundings, inside or out. You can make a reservation or buy a gift card online for that special someone. If you are in the mood for something to do be sure to see what is “Happening at Jane” as they hold all sorts of fun events – yes there is food involved. All in all, you can “Sip”, “Wine”, and “Dine” at Jane.


Crumbl Cookies

The world’s best cookies

The world’s best cookies are located right at our Southlake Town Square; now that is a place not to miss! Who wouldn’t want to indulge with unique weekly flavours that are served in a pink box? These gourmet cookies offer 120+ rotating flavors ready to satisfy all your dessert needs. Huge, warm cookies made fresh and ready for you to enjoy. Have a friend in need of a treat? Cookies are also available via delivery, pickup, takeout, and nationwide shipping. Our menu rotates weekly to give you four different speciality flavors to taste and enjoy! Don’t worry; their famous milk chocolate and chilled sugar cookies are always available!


Mi Cocina

Located at the Southlake Town Square

Warm and inviting restaurant that brings excellent food and a memorable experience. This restaurant has been serving undeniably authentic Tex-Mex food, unforgettable  experiences, and their signature Mambo Taxi margaritas for nearly three decades! It’s a place of laughter, memories and wholesome food for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a night out or a family lunch, Mi Cocina is the place to be. They also have their own little store where you can  get fantastic salsa or even their signature Mambo Taxi margarita as a candle or ornament! Experience great food and an amazing time at Mi Cocina.


Southlake Jewelers  

Best of the best

Southlake Jewelers provide beautiful, elegant jewelry. They pride themselves on making their own pieces locally, which means more of your dollars stay in the community. Southlake Jewelers was founded in 1985 by two brothers, James and Bill Baker. Southlake Jewelers have also received various accolades and are known as the “Best of the Best” and you will certainly receive quality service along with quality products. They specialize in jewelry, watches, custom design and fabrication, jewelry repair, various loose diamonds, gemstones, and so much more. Come and visit them at

2140 East Southlake Boulevard, a true Texas gem.


James Avery Artisan Jewelry

A family-owned and crafted artisan jeweller

‘Tis, the season of being with the family and giving gifts. Why not a gift from a family-owned and crafted artisan jeweler? James Avery creates beautiful jewelry that celebrates life through the beauty of design; from rings, charms, bracelets, necklaces and more, this gorgeous jewelry is a perfect present for someone this holiday! Jewelry holds feelings and memories, which makes it a great gift idea. You can shop online or at their store in Southlake Town Square.


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