Why We Chose Southlake: Meet the Duffy Families

We heard an interesting story about four siblings, who over a period of almost ten years chose to live in Southlake and how, one family at a time, they ended up living within a few blocks of each other. There had to be something about this family, all originally from Colorado, and a family of seven siblings and the appeal of Southlake that called them to live here rather than anywhere else.

Spending some time with all four families on Thanksgiving evening, we heard about how Courteney, Tharren, Liz and Collin and their spouses ended up in Texas. The time we spent with the family helped us understand and see the deep bond that exists between them all, (both siblings and inlaws), as well as the necessary banter and at times, structure that helps make a family of this size ‘just work’.

Expressing a genuine love for God and being actively involved in their church finds the extended Duffy family joined together through their faith, families, and community. If we’re going to celebrate how great Southlake is and why more and more families are moving here every month, this story of four remarkable, connected families going ‘all in’ on Southlake, seems like the perfect way to start. Let’s meet the families.


Dale, Courteney, Dale Peyton, Claire, Brock, Kimbyl and Brigham

Why did you move to Southlake?

In 2007 we were very fortunate to stumble into Southlake. We went to the Town Center after a long day of house hunting in neighboring communities on a recommendation. The sun was setting and families were gathered enjoying the evening. We were impressed by the whole vibe there; it seemed so ideal, almost like a modern Mayberry. My wife and I looked at each other and said, “This is amazing.” After soaking it up, we ventured west on 1709 and immediately saw a “for rent” sign. I pulled in the lot right off of Southlake Blvd, called the agent and said we’ll take it. It happened to be one of the few “starter rentals” available and within our ‘fresh out of dental school’ budget. About a year later, we bought our first house on the north side of Southlake, which we still live in today.

What do you love about Southlake?

We love the smaller community vibe and we really like the open areas, the larger lots and how tight-knit the community is. 

One thing that stands out to you about this community? 

It’s a great place to raise a family. There are strong family and community values that work when raising young kids.

How important is being close to family for you?

We were the first to discover Southlake. I remember sitting in the Feed Store the second night after moving into our little run-down rental house, looking at the various things hanging on the walls and thinking we were on the other side of the world from our family – they seemed so far away. It’s crazy to look back at that and now we’re so blessed to have our family in Southlake.


Tharren, Kadie, Wyatt, Weston, Reef, Wren and Lochlan

Why did you move to Southlake?

It took us five years to become the second of the siblings to make Southlake our home and we moved to Texas because Tharren got a great job offer here and we loved the idea of being closer to our family. It helps that Texas pays its Doctors really well!

What do you love about Southlake?

We love Southlake because of the people, the community and it is a great place to raise a family!

One thing that stands out for you about this community?

One thing that really stands out about this community is the people. So many are just

good, religious, giving people! We also love that there is a small-town feel even though we are in a major metroplex. We also love the strong love of families and that everything is so family-focused, which makes it just a true joy to raise kids here.

How important is being close to family for you?

It’s really important. We’ve always been a close family, from the time we were young kids, and now as adults, we absolutely love being near each other! We love that our kids get to grow up around cousins and that we are with some of our best friends that we are blessed to call family! We truly felt like we were called to be here.

We heard there is an interesting story about how you chose your house?

That’s a fun story! While shopping around for a place to buy, we looked everywhere,

including Keller and Flower Mound. One day while visiting Courteney we decided to stop and to look at what we thought had to be the worst house for sale in Southlake, just

for laughs. Tharren was actually just having some fun but when he got back into the car and looked at me, we both knew we were going to buy it… and we did! It was a proper renovation project for a while, but now it’s our dream home and we love it!

Tell us anything interesting you want us to know?

This is a special place and we feel truly blessed to be in this beautiful community


Brandon, Liz, Taevin, Danny, Kellan, Crew and Tristan

Why did you move to Southlake?

We were living in California and spent a lot of time visiting the siblings that were already based here in Southlake and every time we did; we felt Southlake grow on us a little more. It didn’t take long at all to decide this was where we wanted to raise our family.

On the same day I mustered up the courage to ask my boss if I could work remotely from the center of the country, Liz called me to say there was a perfect house available and the family had already checked it out and felt we should put in an offer. So we did and moved in 2 months later!

What do you love about Southlake?

The town is very centered around raising families and encourages optimal child development, whether it’s through the award-winning Carroll ISD, or the myriad of programs and sports for kids – there is something here for every child to do and take

part in. Being so close to DFW airport is a big plus as Brandon often travels for work and being a quick 20 minutes drive from the airport is great.

One thing that stands out for you about this community?

It has to be the emphasis on family and how the whole community is focused on supporting that. The respect all the children have for adults is a close second. 

How important is being close to family for you?

Being near family was essential, to be honest. We just got ‘doubly’ fortunate it was in Southlake where it seems family is something everyone values, not just us. The fact that we are all so close and can support each other.

Tell us anything interesting you want us to know?

We love Southlake. The proximity to everything we need just can’t be beaten. The vast majority of the town is collectively combined and working towards one goal… raising kind, balanced, and successful kids who will be an asset in the world and a passion for making it better. We knew how great the town and schools were but now, after living here for five years, we just can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Collin, Daniel, Chloe, Tatum, Hudson, Shiloh and Koda

Why did you move to Southlake?

We had been staying in Louisiana for about four years and would travel to Southlake for the holiday because most of the family was here. We didn’t think we were going to move

out to Southlake any time soon but then, in the last year of Danny’s residency, there were a few options on the table and the one we felt most comfortable with, was here in Texas. We thought the move would be temporary but within a year, we fell in love with Southlake and loved being closer to family.

What do you love about Southlake?

I love the community feel. Everybody helps one another out, everyone supports each other (like the whole town going to the high  school football games!), and all the kids are

Dragons. I also love the proximity to the lake, the airport, and of course, Costco and Trader Joe’s. Southlake has a small-town feel but yet it has everything, and more, that you need! 

One thing that stands out for you about this community? 

The schools. There is so much help and resources offered for each child, no matter where they are in their education journey. I love that they offer tutorials each morning for any student that wants/needs to come. The teachers are amazing and truly care about the students and provide so many opportunities to excel.

How important is being close to family for you?

Very important. Apart from work, it’s the main reason we chose to move here. Our family helped us so much; they toured prospective homes with our realtor and gave us the best insight for us to put down an offer and subsequently buy our house even when we hadn’t even seen it. That is very special. Once we got here and settled, we fell in love with Southlake for so many other reasons too!

How many little Dragons are there in total?

Three from my little family but between all the cousins, there are 12 current Dragons and three Carroll graduates. 

Any Southlake family traditions?

We love going to the Town Square Christmas lighting and also watching the high school football games!

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